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ZillaRank: An improved search for smf forum

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maybe a setting in the user's profile and/or a check-box next to the search button?

I remember Google, when it first came out used to return a page full of "hits" and provided a direct link and a secondary one that was labelled something like: "Open link in new window".

Don't know how easy/hard that would be to code. For me, I just use mouse gestures under Maxthon if I want to open a link in a new tab.-Darwin (August 27, 2007, 11:36 PM)
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i didn't mean opening links from the hits returned.. i myself use middle-click to open them in a new tab.. :Thmbsup: i'm not sure of the terms so i'll use a scenario: let's say, i'm reading a post and i want to to use the search feature. normally i'd go to the top of the page & type-in the keyword and click on the Search button. then a page is generated with the search results, i want this page to be in a new tab/window so that i can continue reading the post.. :)

Ah gotcha. I like it. Yeah, that does sound harder to code, because of course that kind of functionality would be great in the context menu ("Open search in new tab") and would need to be setup as an IE/FF/Opera plugin, which makes it less universal across the membership because its unlikely Opera will permit it and there are probably lots of Linux users and other people using different browsers. An alternative might be to have a static left hand pane containing links to the search feature (and other important areas/features of DC). This way you scroll down the page but the links to the left are always there on your screen and visible from wherever you are reading... Just a thought.

that's why i was hoping to do the suggestion part and leave the implementation/coding part to Wordzilla.. ;) but the mention of plugins reminded me of this extension: SubmitToTab. :)

oh that's a cool find, lanux!

just installed it and it works perfectly.  very simple, very useful (i dont like middle mouse button so i hold control and click, nice feature).

i think this SubmitToTab deserves a post of it's own -- if you have time to do it please do, otherwise let me know and i'll post it.


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