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ZillaRank: An improved search for smf forum

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I know i posted this before but it is so useful i have to post again.
If you are reading a long multi-page thread, the new ability to search within a thread is invaluable:

note: a normal ctrl+F from within your browser is not comparable, this can search multiple pages and do full highlighting.  really wonderful.

Wow! I was in Belgium when this was originally posted - thanks Wordzilla (and mouser for posting this)! I'll be testing it out and posting about my experiences shortly.

Mouser - As many of you know, we often joke that the SMF search function on the forum sucks, and seems to miss returning search results that we know are there.
--- End quote ---

The SMF search function DOES suck, and it's no joke  :P!

Thanks in advance, Darwin!  :Thmbsup:

We are still improving the forum search and all members are welcome to report bugs/inconveniences, post feature requests, and talk about your search experience here. DonationCoder will have the best search in the SMF world.

"The biggest room in the world. is the room for improvement." -- Anonymous

The biggest room in the world. is the room for improvement.
--- End quote ---

And the smallest is where you go to read about it...

You can follow discussion of the ZillaRank smf mod on forum here:



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