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Service Control - My FARR2 Plugin Contest Submission #3

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yep, taichi and i have discussed that adding a feature to allow plugins to set a custom context menu for results needs to be added by me.

we also came up with the cool idea of having these custom context menu actions also be accessible through +keyword modifiers.  so if a plugin might register custom actions like "Start the service (+start)","Stop the service (+stop)", which would then let users either right click on a result to chose the action to perform, or else just type +start in their search and select the result to have it sent that command.

Well then add it mousey! Why are you SHAMMING?

@taichimaster: splendid  :Thmbsup:

v0.0.0.2 (July 5th, 2007)

[NEW] Added Progress Bar
[FIX] Changed default options to show progress bar and not display msgbox on success
[FIX] Set max wait time to 20 secs to avoid misbehaving services taking forever to start/shutdown

v0.0.0.3 (July 5th, 2007)
[NEW] Added Vista Support

This version will properly prompt for elevated perms. before starting/stopping the service  :up:  A ServiceCtrlHelper.exe will then be running with elevated privileges.

Caveat:  Since the adv. config are stored in the same directory as the plugin (c:\program files), they are normally being virtualized. ServiceCtrlHelper.exe will not be able to read those preferences and therefore will just do the default (show progress bar, show msgbox upon failure, and do not show msgbox upon success).


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