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Service Control - My FARR2 Plugin Contest Submission #3

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Service Control

This plugin displays a list of win32 services and allows user to toggle its running state.  Th idea came from OGroeger and Mouser (See this thead: HERE)

A few things of note are:
0)  Only works on NT/2K/XP for now
1)  Only works if user is a member of the Administrator group - EDIT: also works on Vista now
2)  If a service is currently disabled, it enables it before starting.
3)  If a service has dependency services, it shows you the list of services that will also get stopped.
Depending on interest, I have some TODOs:
* add progress bar when start/stop services - DONE
* Vista compatibility (thinking of using ShellExecuteEx with "runas" verb to launch a separate script, or separate the code into a separate COM control so it could be elevated Just-In-Time) - DONE
* ability to run as standard user with admin impersonation

Extract the zip file to the farr2 plugins directory then reload the plugins from the plugins listing screen.


Version History

v0.0.0.1 (July 3rd, 2007)
Initial Release

v0.0.0.2 (July 5th, 2007)
[NEW] Added Progress Bar
[FIX] Changed default options to show progress bar and not display msgbox
      on success
[FIX] Set max wait time to 20 secs to avoid misbehaving services taking forever
      to start/shutdown

v0.0.0.3 (July 5th, 2007)
[NEW] Added Vista Support

Comments and constructive criticisms are welcome!

Thanks to hamradio for the beautiful icons!!!!  :-*

Fantastic!!  :-* :-* :-*

I, for one, love this idea! Keep up the good work!

Haha! He wants to take all the mugs! ;D

Good work!

What I would like to suggest is a right click context menu which allows the following:

Starting a service, Stopping a service, restarting a service, changing startup type (with a sub-context menu containing a list of startup types).


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