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Editing RM Audio files - anyone know any good software?

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Plasma: if you rip scratched or copy-protected CDs then, yes, your choice of CD drive can be a problem, since this is where the error-correction hard- and firmware starts to really matter.

You need to check out the "reference" version of dBpoweramp btw., the one that supports C2 error pointers, which is what (imho) makes it superior to EAC. I tend to still use EAC myself btw, because it can rip to .wav+.cue combo, and dBp only does single-track rips :(

Plasma Man:
OK - now I'm with you re: error correction etc. Plextor drives in combo with PlexTools is generally considered one of the better solutions. I agree - this whole hw and firmware game changes every few months so you have to be alert to what you actually purchasing - esp from a "trusted brand" like Plextor. Yet more search/forum/review fun ...

If the dB ripper only rips per track then it's not much use for me. But I'll test it out, all the same.

(Carol - apologies for this slightly OT discussion.)

Plextor drives in combo with PlexTools is generally considered one of the better solutions.
-Plasma Man
--- End quote ---
Too bad it doesn't work out that way in practice >_< - even with unscratched & non-protected CDs, I didn't get consistent results when ripping the same album multiple times with plextools. Both EAC and dBp does, and dBp even comes close to plextool's speed.

Plextor drives, however, do seem to be in the better league wrt. error correction and C2 support and all that. They better damn be, anyway, price considered :)

Yeah, too bad dBp only does per-track, I hope they'll add image support sometime. I really do like the program though, and use it to verify some of the more problematic CDs in my collection. EAC's method isn't as refined and puts more wear & tear on your discs, and they way it's programmed slows down my entire system (well, message handling) while it's ripping, which sucks if ripping one of those multi-hour-to-rip protected CDs >_<. But it does image file extraction, and with the pre-beta that supports AccurateRip even with image extraction, well... :-*


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