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Editing RM Audio files - anyone know any good software?

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Plasma Man:
fOdder - have you used EAC?

There is hope for those scratched CDs.  :Thmbsup:

Plasma Man: yes, I know and use EAC (wonderful that the new pre-beta supports AccurateRip even when you extract to image mode!), I believe that dBpoweramp has the superior ripping technology though.

But even with both of those, for scratched or protected CDs, you're at the mercy of your drive hard- and firmware.

Carol Haynes:
I have dBpoweramp (though not installed at the moment).

Actually the RealMedia editor does a neat quick job - which is what I wanted. The advantage is that I can easily build a playlist in RealMedia Player and it automatically converts them to burn for CD - which is much quicker and means that I don't have to be dealing with 650Mb audio files!

What I am trying to do is to quickly archive odd radio programmes I download. Being web programmes they are not great quality so I don't want to force them to deteriorate further. I do find dbPowerAmp is a good app but it is really quite slow - I can download the RM file, clip it and burn it in less time than dbPA takes just to convert the file to WAV.

Carol Haynes:
There is also an app called "Easy RealMedia Producer" at

I haven't tried it (the download webpage is in Chinese and the download is currently running at 4.5K/sec over 4 streams!) but it may be worth a look.
--- End quote ---

Followup - I tried installing this under Altiris Virtualisation (hey it worked - wow, my first attempt at that) ...

Personally I won't be installing it for real. It's fine if you want a GUI to set parameters numerically for command line tools, but not if you want to see what you are doing.

I may be wrong - but since the app is in English but all the documentation is in Chinese ...

If anyone is interested in batch processing the production of Real Media files you can use the link I posted earlier and it is also available at

I should say it is free for non-commercial use.

Plasma Man:
Carol - interesting what you discovered with RM. I love it so much (not) that I'd willingly convert the lot to wav. ;D

But sand boxed / virtualized this looks good for fast dice 'n slice of net radio interviews (just bumped into a couple hiding in a corner of drive).

f0dder - I'll try out the dB ripper. I've used EAC for audio archiving and compiling ref discs and never had a problem using the highest settings (which can be slow going on some material). Scratched / new / "clever-clever encoded " - all fine. Are you saying that choice of CD drive could be a problem?


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