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Send postal mail for free with online services (EasyPost, Postful, eSnailer)


Sending physical letters just isn't cool anymore, and it takes too much time to print, stick it in an envelope, and walk to the store to get a postage stamp. Companies seem to really be acknowledging that and building their businesses around it.

eSnailer is the latest to the market. The interface is clean, and extremely easy to understand. Start by filling out the envelope from the fields in the top left, then move on to the recipient's field in the center, and continue with a full fledged text editor. When your letter is complete, eSnailer will print, envelope, stamp and send it via regular US postal mail, all for free.

So, what's the catch? eSnailer is ad supported. They ask that as soon as you send the letter that you accept one of the free offers you are presented with, using the address you supplied as a junk mail receptacle. Nice. Is it worth it? You decide.

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I wouldnt give my address to them as then they could spam your snail mail address and everyone elses you give to them.


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