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Google in Sicko Storm - Welcome to democracy google style

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I was thinking recently about how pervasive the lie is in our society. Every culture has its blind spots and its irrational beliefs, but just think of how many outright lies you see and hear in the course of a typical day, and never give a second thought to:

"Your call is very important to us."
"Act now! This is a limited time offer."
"Comes with a lifetime warranty."
"I'm sorry we can't do that because it's against policy."
"No credit? No problem!"
"A lifetime of happiness begins here."

This last one graced the cover of a piece of junk mail that came through my slot. What an incredible claim! You mean I can ditch my mountain of debts, my dead-end job, my mean-spirited spouse, my obnoxious in-laws and my crumbling, money-pit of a home, and enjoy happiness for the rest of my LIFE, just by opening this envelope! WOW!  :tellme:

(Disclaimer: Actually, none of this is true for me. My debts are manageable, my spouse and in-laws are wonderful, and I like my job. Well, the money-pit house bit is kinda true.  :-[ )

Anyway, the envelope contained an offer for combined voice, internet and cable service from the local cable monopoly. Now, is there really any way in which such a mundane offerring could, by any stretch of the imagination (of anyone other than an ad agency) be construed as the gateway to lifetime happiness?

Why do we take these outrageous, constant lies for granted? I tend to think our cultural drenching in advertsing has something to do with it.


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