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XP Visual Styles Support

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hi mouser! thanks for this great program..can you please add xp visual styles support in the program..would be nice if the program showing xp looks much better imho..i know this definately isnt on your priority for the program, but i personaly think that not having xp styles support in a program that is made to run xp makes it doesnt "complete"..thanks anyway for all your effort for making this handy program. it helps alot!

p.s: can you do the same for all other programs you write?

i thought mouser's programs already support xp visual style.. using XP's default settings, i tried this by changing from blue to olive green and finally silver.. cdblu, if your CHS doesn't look like this then maybe you can post a screenshot? :)

buttons, tabs and other controls - no xp styles  :-[

then you can try adding a .manifest file to see if it works.. this is one such program that will allow you to do that - XP Manifest. :)

I reckon the issue lies in the interface librarys that are used, if the manifest file does not work.


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