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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - DcUpdater - 1.32.01 - May 9, 2017

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johi's reminder prompted me to remind you about proxy server settings as well.  At work, we use .pac files for configuring our proxies, and I haven't found a workaround for that yet.  Therefore, unless I bring in the updates on a USB stick, I can't get them at work, and that makes DCU a little pointless there (e.g. where that configuration file points to).  Could you set it to get the proxy settings from the default browser?  That seems like the easy way to do it, though I don't know if that is easy to code.

Would it be feasible to add another tab/link/some control that includes the 'what's new' information for a given update. I use some apps on my machine that provide such functionality. First thing any user wants to know is what this update is bringing to the app being updated. I think all will welcome such feature.

cnewtonne, i was thinking the same.. check one post above.. :)

Hey Mouser!  I disabled a few programs in DCU that I never would use (flipbook printer, international image maker, etc) and while I have no need of this feature, just thought i should mention it:  Would it make sense to add a tab that shows disabled programs?  That way you can see what you have disabled in case you change your mind about one.  It would work the same as the available to be installed tab, sort of keeping them separated logically.  I dunno, maybe it doesn't make sense.

The reason I actually started this post was to ask, is there still any chance of categorization going in?  I can see a large number of items being configured in this program and one huge long list would be very unwieldy.  My idea is a tree view when user insertable folders, then they can drag the items to the folder and drop it to put it in there.  Plus, plugins would automatically be a subtree of the program they plug into.  Like all the FARR plugins.  By default items would just insert at the bottom of the list, under user specified categories.

yes i agree with most of what you are saying.. a tree view is probably the way to go.


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