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LATEST VERSION INFO THREAD - DcUpdater - 1.32.01 - May 9, 2017

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Wow.  Very different interface now.  Okay, maybe not VERY different, but I was looking around for the buttons at the bottom and they aren't there anymore.  When I stopped ignoring the pictures at the top (which is a nice addition by the way), I noticed that they were more than eye candy :P.  Very nice addition.  :Thmbsup:

You can still get the old buttons if you want (view -> advanced controls).
The same commands can also now be accessed via the File menu.

No, no.  I like this better, just wasn't ready for that much change. :D

Heeeyyy mouser.  Was thinking about DCU today and had an idea, figured I would bounce it off you.  You know how you have pre-release versions available to members of the site but not to the regular visitor?  How you also have alphas (as with FARR v2) that we have to check a forum to have available?  How about if we can put in our forum username and password in DCU and it will know about versions available to us that isn't available to the general public?  You can have a beta-tester list of people you want to get very early versions of a program and DCU will notify us about it and give us the opportunity to download it and try it out.  It should also have a way to revert it, maybe it will "archive" our existing version  on the system so it can revert it that way.

Just a dumb but cool idea I had.

yeah i think it's a great idea.. not sure about the details but yeah it wouldn't be very hard to do and i like the idea a lot.


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