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Requesting good alias files

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Guess what? A new alias pack!

This one uses AHK to do some window management.
Just type WindowManagement for the list of commands available.
Unfortunatelly, i suck at making icons, thus, if someone could make some, it'd be great ;)

Here's the main menu:
Requesting good alias files

[edit] forgot the alias file! [/edit]

[edit] looks like there's a problem with the "OnTop" command. Not sure how to solve it, though :( [/edit]

[edit] due to the problems with the OnTop part, i removed that feature and kept the rest of the aliases. when farr can pass window class+window title of last focused window as a variable, this feature can come back ;) [/edit]

[edit] ok, now with 2 icons from the silk icon set [/edit]

my nice nonconflicting alias file:

2 search aliases:

--- ---Loc <query> to use locate32 to locate files
!<query> to do a google UK Feelling lucky now search (first hit) - with icon :D
Probably the fastest way to find what you want from farr!! 8)

keep 'em coming!!
i'm going to make a web page (wiki?) soon with all download packs for farr2.

Just informing that i edited my post above with the updated alias.

And here's the final version (still without the OnTop entry).

This one has all the icons, which were made by our member Hamradio! Thanks a lot ;)

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