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A review of free or inexpensive HTML/WYSIWIG editors --
Dreamweaver is expensive and takes time to learn)!
--- End quote ---

i have a horrible confession:
d.martin sent me an amazing review of inexpensive html editors that has been awaiting my editing for over a month!
i'm going to try to get it done and published in july.

Trying to revive an oldie thread, let's see how it goes...

1. Mind-mapping and diagramming software. The reason I'm suggesting a review of those is that I'd love to read a discussion by those who use such software at an advanced level - because I don't quite understand how it is useful :) I have a basic technical understanding of mind maps, and I know of course what diagrams are used for, but I've never been able to fit any software like this into my note-taking or planning processes. They confuse me, they interrupt my thinking and try to force me into a mode of working that feels alien to me. I'm much better off with free-form notes. So I'm probably missing some big point of mind maps and/or diagrams. Bonus question: there are specialized mind mapping programs, as well as specialized diagramming software, but in the end it's all about connecting shapes with arrows, filling them with text and moving them around. Could one piece of software serve both needs?

2. Wikis, the web-based ones. There are so many, most of them free, differing in features, backends and formatting syntax. Wikis are primarily intended for collaborative work, but does anyone use them for personal projects? How do they fare as note-taking mechanisms? (For the desktop, there's WikiPad, which I don't think has any competition yet: )

Thanks for listening!

I've just gone through installing just about 10 different wiki's to test for suitability for a particular project, so I have at least an overview of some of the more popular ones. Of course my criteria were kind of specific. But I can tell you that playing with all these different ones did not make me love Wiki any more than I do (which is not a lot :D). The best wikis seem to be the hardest to setup. *sigh*

- Oshyan

I don't think it's been suggested yet...

  Best RSS Feed Reader (with two categories: online readers and offline/client-mode readers

Cheers  /jerome

1. Mind-mapping and diagramming software.
-tranglos (October 22, 2006, 06:34 PM)
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KeyNote no longer enough?   ;D

Marek, nobody's found the definitive notekeeper, but KeyNote generated you immense goodwill.  Take a look at this DonationCoder thread: General brainstorming for Note-taking software

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