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our idea is when we pick a category, we will first try to find the very best software in that category.
if that program is a free or open source program, then we will just review that program, and of course note that it is the best and is free.

however if the best program in a category is shareware, then we will often try to also find the next best program that is free or open source, and present awards to both, and describe clearly what we liked about each.

this way, those who prefer open source or free software, or think that the commercial app does not justify its price will still have a clear choice about best free program.

that sounds great to me. :)

i'm sure this is on the cards but i'll ask anyway...

will there be a virus scanner review and more importantly is nod32 going to feature?

i'm currently using the free version of avg but every serious review i read seems to favour nod32. there doesn't appear to be a free edition of nod though. just wondering how they compared - if anyone has any experience of using both these programs or maybe has tried a wide variety of virus checkers.

i've no complaints about avg - the latest version is a decent improvement over No. 6.

there absolutely is an av review planned.
and we will for sure award best free and best commercial.

nod32 is def. in contention for best.

nod32 is a very good av, but its not perfect;
it has some problems with certain files - but i hear they are planning a major engine overhaul in hear future that may fix some of these things.

a really nice free one that i like is
Antivir Personal


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