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One thing I'd be extremely interested in is PIMs, (Personal Information Managers). -Shangnyun (June 11, 2005, 02:14 AM)
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I use this. Only down point is you cannot add unicode text, otherwise great!

Speaking of FUD, there are many application types that are heavily abused by companies that prey on desperate customers by heavy advertizing within search engine results. The programs themselves are often stolen from developers who released their software for free. If not, then they either don't work or are over-priced.
Take for instance file/partition recovery software; anyone who googles for such an app faces pages of junk with the real gems hidden. There are many other genres that are afflicted, virus/spyware removal, password recovery, stuff that you usually need in a hurry.
I think reviews of this sort of software might bring in new donations and also be a huge benefit to some of those developers whose work has been stolen and is sold by disreputable companies as their own. Plus this loosely fits the theme of donationcoder (well, sort of).

i do think we need to make a stronger effort here to identify good freeware apps, and authors who are asking for donations.  i think it's important to lend some support for other donation-based authors.

any ideas for how we could do this in ways other than full reviews?

i suggest we set up a special page for Freeware/Donationware authors that we like - basically expanding our idea of a links section for our favorite freeware authors (ie this won't be a page for singleton programs, but rather for authors who have devoted considerable effort to making freeware+donationware programs, and who don't sell commercial software).

Are there any plans to review website building software in the near future? It's something I, for one, would appreciate. Dreamweaver is more than I need, but there are so many lower cost apps that I don't know where to start.....


website soft review is def needed.
we really need to get a few more reviewers who can write long comprehensive reviews on a category they know well enough to do a good job on.

i think maybe we should have a poll of possible review categories
so we can see which categories people want to see reviewed the most.


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