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This might be very personal, but I'd really like to see reviews of .NET Framework 100% Managed Code components. These are really expensive and I certainly can't afford to buy them only to find I got the wrong one!

I'm especially interested in Networking Components and TLS/SSL components.

Maybe a category for Programming Language Components?

Martin (w-h)


i very much like this idea, if we can find a guest reviewer to do it.
i'd like to do an occasionally series on
  best photoshop plugins
  best delphi/c++ builder components
  best vc components

best .net components would be nice too
but we'll need to find someone who really knows the subject to write the review since im not qualified.

Best outlining/note-taking tool? Just in case, my Top 5 list is as follows:

__(1) Microsoft OneNote-SP1
__(2) TexNotes Pro
__(3) Jot+ Notes
__(4) AM-Notebook Pro
__(5) NoteMap

Unlike text editors, there are many good candidates in this class of software, and even some on the OS side. The three biggest factors for me tend to be interface design, outlining flexibility and ease, and import/export abilities. Coincidently, like text editors, most outlining tools rarely see major upgrades.

Outlining/note-taking gets my vote too as there are so many good ones to choose from, so making a choice is rather tough.

The main factors that matter to me include: Focused (uncluttered but powerful) interface, flexibility, resident abilities (minimise to tray on close, small memory footprint, auto-save on minimise etc.), import/export and of course, price.

I'd almost certainly buy AM-Notebook Pro if it were half the price, despite infrequent updates, as it appears to best fit my criteria.  It's just too expensive for what it is though.

Oh yes, we mustn't forget GoldenSection Notes (A cut-down targetted version of WinOrganizer) which is also a rather nice product.

I have been doing some research through midmapping software again.



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