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ah, linkman, now that rings a bell.

just had a quick look at their website - i do remember using linkman many moons ago and i would agree it's an excellent links/favorites manager. in fact, i think i will give it another go.

talking of boot CDs, you've probably already come across it but if not you might like BartPE

I've looked at several offline browsers and have yet to get one to do exactly what I want. Of the many I've tried, Offline Explorer is the best. The test for me is to successfully make a scheduled download of all the articles in the NY Times Science and Opinion pages in their entirety, without downloading a bunch of extraneous material.

offline explorer is very powerful;
the other top program i know about for this is Teleport Pro.

Offline Explorer is very powerful.  The application I chose with similar functionality is Cyberarticle.


I would like to see a comparative review of the under $100 website design tools for those that can't afford Dreamweaver et al.  I'm thinking of Webeasy Pro and Web Studio from Back to the Beach.



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