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I was going to append backup software to my list (if possible). :)

I agree there should be two separate categories for backup software: drive/partition cloning and file, incremental etc.

I would be very interested in your guide mouser. I have used Ghost for cloning, but have not really found a "file" backup util that I've been impressed with...or maybe my workflow is just not very good. Right now, I'm using ~50 batch files to backup program settings/profiles and becoming more tedious every day. lol

nudone: does drive image allow you to restore a clone of the system drive/partition (with windows on it)? This is usually why cloners require you to boot from CD to restore.

 :) yep, drive images 2002 allows you to restore a system drive/partition with any windows based operating system on it - i'm using xp pro with ntfs (can't say i've tried it with windows 2003).

whether it works with non fat, fat32 or ntfs formats i can't say.

i stopped using ghost a few years ago but when i did use it that was run from within the operating system too - can't remember if i ever used it with xp.

you can also use drive image 2002 off of a boot cd if you make it in the right way.

as i don't wish to sound like a complete idiot, i just thought i better explain...

drive image 2002 will run from within windows but if the image you are restoring IS the system drive/partition then windows will reboot so that the process can carried out.

a version of DOS automatically loads after the reboot and drive image 2002 takes over from there.

i don't understand why this is such a problem for the current crop of drive cloning programs - having to use a boot CD seems like a backward step to me.

Ann Elm:
can't think of a standalone favorites manager off the top of my head but you might find these useful...

am-deadlink great for checking deadlinks in your favorites list (also can download the webpage address icons for you if they are broken).

favourites to html will create an html page for you with all your favorites set out with a nicely formatted folder structure.

ie favorites extractor similar to the above but outputs to different file formats.

these are all free too.  :)

quick edit - just looked at Belkasoft - they have a program called 'LinksManager' which looks like it would do what you are after. i've not tried it though.
-nudone (March 22, 2005, 05:22 AM)
--- End quote ---
Thanks Nudone!!

Thanks nudone for restating that Drive Image reboots to DOS to clone; when I read your first reply, I wasn't sure how it worked properly lol. I haven't done cloning much lately, but when I did, always used the boot CD anyway. If I recall correctly, I thought Ghost would reboot into DOS system if the partition was the Windows drive.

This topic and another sparked my interest in creating my own custom boot CD with a few utilities (incl. Ghost and True Image) along with WinXP & Win98se.

Btw, my favorite ink manager is Linkman (; it also exports to HTML, which I forgot about and need to look into again.


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