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^^ I agree.

It is impossible for mouser, let alone anyone, to make an acurate decision based on something he doesn't know much about.

The point of the matter is, you need to layout all the tools on the table and then start building.

Apps that he uses are going to be candidates for awards... only because he won't know if there is any program out there that is better than what he uses.

It happens to me everyday. I will use a program for months and swear it is the best, but when I tell my friend about it he shows me a program that is 10X better.

I vote for a discussion. Of course, in order to have a successful discussion you need to have a lot of people.

And how do you attract people? With discounts on software :) Hey that's what attracted me to this forumĀ  ;)

Discounts on software are excellent, quality donationware is also excellent, as is a forum to discuss the best software in any given field.  I feel that perhaps new forms of advertising (I had problems thinking of a more appropriate term) should be found to really get this across to potential new members though.  I joined not so much for the discounts, but for the excellent coding work Mouser had done.  I now realise that this was only a fraction of the benefits I would get here as a member.  I think we have to think of new and inventive ways of getting across the true range of benefits to prospective members to convince others to invest in such a worthy project.

i appreciate that sentinel -
i sometimes try to think of ways to get out the word, but by far the most important has been word of mouth from nice people like you guys spreading the word about the site to friends and acquiantences. it's much appreciated.

         This information is useful for me!

Thank You!

I have a suggestion for the minireview template: add a line "type of application" for people who might not be familiar with the application name.


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