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The Great Software List


A ton of people came to visit us this last week to read Zaine Ridling's massive review of Word Processors, but some don't realize that Zaine is also the person who created The Great Software List:

In fact we've written about The Great Software list quite a few times in the past and it was somewhat of an inspiration for, but zaine has been quietly making it better and better.  If you haven't visited it recently you really need to check it out!

Wow! It's the first time I've heard of this.  :-[

*Oh no, there goes the rest of my day...  :-*

ok, how did IE7 get on that list? Other then that, the list if pretty good.  :up:

IE7? Because it was so much better than IE6, that's the biggest reason. Still pretty much bites with some CSS though. Thanks for the mention, mouser!

I go through waves of changes to the list. I try to use an app for no less than an entire month (often exclusively) before adding it to the list, so adding them takes time. I really should "date" the list, by listing how long each app has been on it — 1, 2, 3,... years. As more Web 2.0 apps become established (not just "fantastic" startups), I'll be adding those over time, and the list will naturally change as more apps are written to take advantage of 64-bits. I've been asked a 100 times to create a GNU/Linux list, but I know so little about them that I'm not qualified to do so. Although, that might be a short list, ha!

For screen capture/flash tutorial production look at Wink- (free) - easy to learn and nice interface, if a bit basic.  There are also a number of free apps available from Mike Lin - (startup control panel, path to clipboard, utility that pops up when installers try to add startup processes and a host of others). 


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