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Clipstep - Improvements


To Skrommel
From TWmailrec

You may recall we spoke about Capshift some time ago.

Since finding most of my clipboard Managers break the Clipboard chain (eg ARSCLIP) and interfere with a persistant .ahk program I run, I started to use Clipstep.

I made some MODS to improve appearance/readability and function, viz:
 MOD: Ctrl-Alt-V added to Create & Toggle Current (%A_WorkingDir%) & Permanent directory (.\Perm) to store permanent clips. This option only available after ^V pressed to allow other programs to use Ctrl-Alt-V
 MOD: SHOWCLIP (^V) uses Progress for readability and shows Previous & Next clip

Excuse the errors if there are any. I think these MODS make it more user friendly.
Would welcome any comments!

How about adding a Search facility??

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