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Is the Windows start menu dead?

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I feel ashamed that this thread has gone this far without bringing others into the discussion. The Start Menu was quickly copied by KDE and GNOME. How are they faring? I don't use Apples. What is their equivalent and how is it doing?

since I use FARR, I realy don'T care about the windows start menu.  :Thmbsup:

a functional start menu seems to be the best way to ensure usability on public and semi public terminals, universities, internet cafes and so on.  If it isn't the start menu it needs to be something similar.  After all, we can all use a start menu, not everyone can, or wants to, use other methods for launching applications.

Apple used a Start Menu as well last time I checked. Look, the important thing for a Start Menu is to have it organized. After all, it's nothing more than the graphical representation of a myriad of folders and links. Of course, it's difficult to maintain a balance between excessive categorization and minimal organization. Although FARR virtually eliminates these and other gripes.

I've tried docks(i think they are overrated), launch bars, other windows shells , customizing the start menu and the quick launch bar, etc, etc. And one day when i was very happy with my organized start menu and quick launch, i found Launchy and decided to give it a try because i was bored, i tough it was a really cool app and let it there installed using it from time to time when i remembered it was there.

I started using it seriously when accidentally found that it can navigate through folders...  i was like  :o , then i found farr2 which i like more and now my star menu is a little bit messy but i don't care since i no longer have to see it. :P


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