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Is the Windows start menu dead?

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Using Windows explorer one can custumize the built in start menu.

And the giveawayof theday is another start menu, though not much different then xp's.

for me, the win startmenue has been dead for 4 years now.
I am using jettoolbar, and don't plan to change.

- and jetToolBar hasn't needed an update for more than 3 years?? Wow!

What about showing a screenshot, and tell us a little?  :tellme:

wreckedcarzz; forgive me not being able to visualize what you have described. Do you mind posting a screenshot of your start menu, please?
-Curt (July 11, 2007, 07:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
Curt, here is a small shot of my Start Menu, split into 3 parts.
As you can tell I move all the program shortcuts out of their folders and simply into the Start Menu's..."root" (whatever you want to call it). I have taken most of the menu apart, also (look at the 1st picture).
Just my way of working, IMO the most simple.

With apologies as needed for resurrecting an old thread...

Personally I think the big prob with the Windows Start Menu, and many (most?) of the alternatives is someone has to set it up & maintain organization. In my experience the average user doesn't. It's like that closet (or garage or attic) that so many of us have -- there are all sorts of organizational tools and aids and products to make it easier, but we just choose to neglect it for one reason or another. No one has invented an automated closet [or at least one that would fit in the closet], where you hand it something and it puts it neatly away, amending the inventory for quick & easy retrieval.

It'd be a lot easier to accomplish that sort of thing with the Start Menu, but AFAIK no one has, perhaps because they fear it limiting flexibility, or maybe because they haven't identified Start Menu organization as a problem. On the other hand I'm only guessing when I suggest a demand even exists -- my parent's parents had the same sort of nightmare closet I've got, so the 3rd generation gets to call it hopeless. ;D

SO to the original question: "Is the Windows Start Menu Dead?" I reply that it's in more of a vegetative state, a coma if you will. No one's pulled the plug because it still could provide a useful function, and there's personal attachments as well. I think if someone came up with a universally favored method to replace it Microsoft would perform the burial, Gladly. But right now I don't know that they feel the majority of Windows users sees the slightest need to do anything.


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