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Is the Windows start menu dead?

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Start menu isn't dead.. I mean when you are not on your own windows box or any windows box that you have setup to your likings (family, friends, work, clients, etc.), the start menu is always there.. and normal computer users always use the start menu. So start menu will always be a standard, and any thing less/more is personal preference.

Not dead to me yet.  As long as I can organize it the way I want it, it's very efficient and useful without running any 3rd party software in the background.

I use the Windows Start Menu (classic version) sometimes, but the thing I use most is Stardock ObjectDock, I use the Plus-version with the tabs. It's waaay better than the Start Menu 8).

I hardly think the Start menu is dead. Its basically all I use. My desktop is just that; a desktop. If there are icons, its only 1-5 of them. Being on Vista, I organized my start menu to basically simply clicking on the button and hovering over "All Programs". I basically take everything out of its folder (the actual program shortcut, nothing else) and put it in ABC order in the menu. Takes me like 15 minutes on a fresh install, and its really worth it. I have tried Launchbar Commander, FARR, RocketDock, Object Dock, and a few others, and the problem is that either I don't use them (I forget that its there) or I cant put all my programs onto the dock (or it makes my startup time longer then I like, and I am extremely picky about that).
I don't think I will ever leave the Start Menu. Even though it no longer says the "Start", its still my must used and favorite part of Windows. :)

wreckedcarzz; forgive me not being able to visualize what you have described. Do you mind posting a screenshot of your start menu, please?


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