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Best spreadsheet

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Let's just let people make suggestions here in this thread, since i don't have the slightest idea which software to add to the poll.

So all you spreadsheet users, please tell us what programs you like best for working with spreadsheets!

Like the word processors review, I can define 3 groups of spreadsheet programs:

1. Big boys:
Microsoft Excel 2003 and 2.x Calc. Maybe there is another great spreadsheet program, I don't know...
My opinion: Excel is excellent.

2. The Rest:
Some are for DOS, some are not for Windows, some require Java, some are beta, some are abandoned etc.
Gnumeric is close to those above but still not so powerful. Also Spread32 is very small and quite good equipped.
And there are many not-so-pro level programs (alphabetical): Abykus, GS-Calc, Bean Sheet, CleanSheets, ConCalc, EasyCalc, Enable, Jeks, Lotus 1-2-3, Lucid 3D, MultiPlan, PlanMaker, QuattroPro, SuperCalc, Sharp Tools Spreadsheet, Sphygnic, SpreadCalc, SpreadPro, VisiCalc, VistaCalc...
My opinion: Spread32 - fast and full off functions..

3. Online:
These are - attention! New - online spreadsheets and offices and desktops (Web2).
Google Docs & Spreadsheet, ThinkFree Office, Zoho Sheet, DesktopTwo, AjaxXls, GHoSt, EditGrid, NumSum...
My opinion: ThinkFree - almost desktop power.

Ok I think the poll must contain only software from the 1st group.

As long as dinosaurs can go on the list, let me mention Enable. It's been gone for well over a decade, but I still haven't seen some of its nifty features replicated. In particular, its 3D model is much purer than any other spreadsheet I've ever seen. The spreadsheet really is a cube, and you can do operations that drill through multiple layers as naturally as with rows and columns.

Another nifty blast from the past was Lucid 3D, which used a hierarchical model. Any cell could be exploded into a new spreadsheet, and the value of the cell would be the result of calculations in that explosion sheet, carrying its value out via a designated cell.

In the "rest" category, you can add SoftMaker's PlanMaker, which is the companion to TextMaker (and only availble, I believe as part of SoftMaker Office 2003/2006 or Ashampoo Office 2003/2006 - same package, different branding). It's very fully featured and stable.

Yes, I really can recommend Softmaker's PlanMaker 2006  :-*

It's a great product. Just give their demo version a try. I think you won't regret it  :Thmbsup:

They also plan to release Presentations, an excellent alternative to MS Powerpoint, later this year.


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