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Best spreadsheet

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I'm using spreadsheets (mainly Excel) for a long time - I'm an economist all the time playing with numbers - starting from DOS's SuperCalc. During the last 10 years I tried many spreadsheet programs including famous and not-famous, commercial and free, final and beta: Gnumeric, Calc, KSpread, Spread32 and so on.

Personally I tend to use freeware (especially portaple) soft, but MS Excel is just an exclusion - it's best of all completely. I can say that I'm even holding on Windows only because there is no alternative of Excel in Linux (I hope it's a matter of time).

Also there is a nice review of word processors . I'd like to see a similar review about spreadshets.

Please post your opinion about the best spreadsheet programs. I want to create a poll on this term but I just don't know "how to create a poll". ;)
Excuse my English.

Niefer - go to the General Discussion forum and click on the "Post New Poll" link at the right of the top of the forum index (see screen cap below!) - it's very easy from there.

Best spreadsheet

There is no "POST NEW POLL" there. You see my problem?

Currently the forum is set up to only allow polls from supporting members, just to cut down on polls posted as spam.

mouser: Ok now it's clear. But then could you start such a poll (not a spam) for me and other spreadsheet lovers?


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