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"XPLinux" Running Windows XP and Kubuntu on one joint desktop

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Okay, this is really cool.

Ok the cygwin alternative is really easy...

just go to
you are ready to rol!
go to
You are good to go

same benefits for a windows user, but a unix user will find the limitations bothersome.
I use it primarily for emacs (which can be had independently as well, xemacs and all)... and playing around with unix and shell

though powershell is the new CLI to learn apparently :)

It may be off topic  :-[

Is it possible to "link" XP to Vista in the same way?

For example:

Vista 64-bit is running Virtual PC where XP 32-bit is installed. I would like to start an application from Vista via Virtual PC.

Why I'm asking. Usually I have opened more then 30 windows in Vista, and 10 windows in Virtual PC. Switching between this windows is a nightmare. Actually I would like to get rid of Virtual PC but software is not working correctly in Vista :(

Is it possible to "link" XP to Vista in the same way?
-zajc (December 19, 2007, 02:25 AM)
--- End quote ---

It is possible (at least I think it is, I don't own Vista to test it on), although you will want to use VirtualBox to virtualize XP. The latest version of VirtualBox will allow Windows running in the virtual machine display its windows on the main desktop (seamless mode).  For example, that's how I'm now running XP and Ubuntu Gusty. Gusty is now the main OS (with its Gnome panels at the bottom). I run XP in a VirtualBox VM that displays the Windows task bar at the top of the screen.  This all works something like running Parallels with XP on a Mac -- only VirtualBox is free.

It's not perfect yet, but it is very usable.

That is the best integration I've seen so far!
I'm impressed. Bookmarking this in case I ever get bored. One of these days I'll try and run my ubuntu (gnome) partition in vmware...

Right now, it just works.



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