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Confessions of a Freeware Junkie updates their list of recommended freeware

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agreed these types of list are not definitive, they are more like a guide, however quite an informative list.


I use these kinds of lists to learn about programs I do not know.

I wonder why SeaMonkey is seldom used or mentioned.   

I used Firefox, Thunderbird, Kompozer, and Lightning, but find that SeaMonkey is best for me because I write poems, essays, blog,  research.
Firefox and Thunderbird are superb,
but all in one SeaMonkey I find best as the core of  my 'office suite,'  along with Jarte, Foxit Reader, WordWeb, Mobysaurus Thesaurus, Convert, Fried Babelfish, and Copernic Desktop Search 2.

I've just downloaded PDFCreator to add to my 'office suite.'

Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

Just as an aside, freewarejunkie is very good on freeware network administration tools, with an article about Spiceworks and a general article :

Are you a network admin? What do you use from day to day?


Just as an aside, freewarejunkie is very good on freeware network administration tools
-Steven Avery (June 02, 2009, 03:17 PM)
--- End quote ---

Excellent article. He hits on most of the favorites. Bringing Spiceworks IT Desktop to the attention of those "in the trade" as well as "those who want to be" is worth its weight in gold. I'm a big fan of Spiceworks. In my company, Spiceworks makes the difference between partial and complete insanity during busy times.

If you provide IT tech support, get familiar with Spiceworks. One of the best tools out there.

The other hidden gem is Spotlight on Windows.  It's easy to dismiss this app as a pile of eye-candy, thereby missing out on what a powerful monitoring tool it actually is. We have this product running on just about every server we're responsible for. It provides our clients with a quick heads-up on the status of their servers. And it also gives the management types (who sign the checks) something pretty to look at when they're walking their fellow managers through the Computer Room.

Spotlight on Windows may even get your company some new business. We've had queries as to how much it would cost to acquire "one of those Spotlight Server things."  Some people actually think it's a whole new server product. ;D

(Note: Please be ethical and tell them the truth. ;))



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