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Offering free/open wireless in Germany? You're guilty! Bye Bye Fon


If you're running a free, open, wireless hotspot in Germany and someone (mis)uses your internet connection for, say, piracy, you're responsible.

In Germany you're responsible for...
    * ... what people post on your forum or blog
    * ... the content of external websites you link to (even tho they are not your websites)
    * ... every crime committed using your free wifi hotspot

--- End quote ---


Hey, what the hell is happening in Germany? Could you actually use your own computer at all, or are they also planning to restrict that? You were not kidding that this is turning into a police state.

On a side note, it seems that Martin Varsavsky is always getting in problems with his enterprises. Oh, and I see creationism is also reaching there. w00t!


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