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Winners of the June 2007 Software Giveaway

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Winners of the June 2007 Giveaway Drawing

June 2007 Giveaway Drawing

Supporting Members, you've got until the last day of the month to take advantage of this month's Discounts..

This Month's Special Discounts and Giveaways:

* Backup4all Professional (30% discount)
* MusicIP Mixer Premium (30% discount)
* novaPDF Professional (30% discount)

Winners of 'Backup4all Professional' (4):

* dwbrant
* alxwz
* tezza
* 222fbjWinners of 'MusicIP Mixer Premium' (6):

* senojeyram
* urlwolf
* dcm
* peteg05
* Perry Mowbray
* chrisa52Winners of 'novaPDF Professional' (4):

* hissho
* DrBB01
* rjkantor
* HypophyseAll winners are now being notified by email to their forum email address.  If you haven't received an email but your name is listed above, check spam filters and forum email address, and then mail [email protected] and let us know you never got any mail.  It can take a few days for companies to send you your serial number; if a few days pass and you haven't received it - send a reminder to the company email as noted in your winning notification email, or to us by replying to the email you received or to us directly.

Curious about how we award prizes?  See for a discussion about our custom prize optimizer utility. Winning something one month reduces your chances of winning the next month, and being helpful on the forum slightly increases your chances.

As you can see, we have a MusicIP winner who also won a prize last month.  In addition, a couple of other users received emails telling them that they had won Backup4all and novaPDF that won prizes last month as well.  When I was running the Prize Optimizer program, I forgot to have the program take into account the winners from last month's drawing.  As a result, we had some duplicates.

The emails that were sent to the winners of  Backup4all and novaPDF did not contain serial numbers, so we were able to re-award the licenses.  Mouser and I decided to contact those winners, let them know that a mistake was made, and draw new winners.   The winning emails for MusicIP, however, each contained a valid serial number for the program so we could not draw a new winner.

Thank you for your understanding,

Carl Thorpe

Carl, Thanks again so much for running this and organizing the discounts this month. It's only because of your work that there are discounts and giveaways in June  :up:

In case anyone is curious, the prize optimizer i wrote works quite well and *most* things are automatic, but the method for keeping track of weights so people dont win too ofter requires a manual step that is very easy to forget, so it's as much my fault as anything.. i'll try to fix the program to make this less likely in the future.


Thanks for organizing the giveaways. I was very pleased to return home from Father's Day celebrations and see the e-mail informing me of the win! As a non-techie/end user type, I have never felt like an afterthought on this unique, wonderful Website.  Thanks a mil to mouser and compatriots for making this little corner of the Web prosper and grow! :Thmbsup:

Most sincerely,


Hi Carl,

I'm the (undeserved) winner of MusicIP Mixer and wondered myself if there was a mistake. I haven't used the serial number and would like to give it back so someone who really deserves it get another chance.

Just tell me what to do (just delete it or sent you an email or whatever).



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