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Bug: Error MSGs on v1.04.16 startup

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When starting Clipboard Help+Spell v1.04.16 I get 3 error message dialog boxes:
1) "'12-Sep-05 6:32:59 AM' is not a valid date and time" (looks valid to me)
2) "Field 'CreationDateTime' must have a value"
3) Same as above.

Using W2K SP4.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for reporting, sagamal.
FYI: the developer mouser is not online for a few days.

hi sagamal,
did you my any chance install one of our older versions of clipboard help and spell - it almost sounds like an error that would come from an older database.

the best way to fix would be go into database folder in the clipboard help+spell directory and delete (or move) the database files so that new ones are created on the next run.

clipboard help+spell is going to get major improvements and refinement as soon as some of our other programs get their turn getting updated; it's still in an early development stage.

No - I did a fresh install of v1.04.16.

strange, and if you delete the database files does the same thing happen again when you restart? i'll check into it when i get back into town.


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