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ANNOUNCEMENT: Find and Run Robot (FARR) 2 - Plugin Programming Contest!

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I've just ordered the mugs that will be given out as the other prizes  :Thmbsup:

Update: I have received 9 beautiful mugs with the logo as seen above, which will be given out to the first 9 (non-trivial) plugin makers.

No problem. All I need to do is teach myself Visual Studio and C++ and I will snap up one of those mugs. (Don't think I'm kidding!)

I'd like for all plugins (at least for the contest) to be released as open source, which will also help future plugin writers.  This would also guarantee security of them.  If you strongly object to your contest plugin being released as open source please talk to me about it.

I would like to see a plugin, if someone is willing, or perhaps a separate app which integrates farr into the windows taskbar similar to google deskbar and allows it to always be displayed and have results popup from the taskbar. This would be awesome and make farr that much nicer to access. You can even assign a custom hotkey to focus the taskbar portion of farr and type your search there. Any takers?


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