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The GIMP/PhotoFiltre/, thoughts...

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If u need to run The Gimp in the same window (I really don't see what the problem is with multiple windows) u can use or TameGimp (if u can find it). How they work? bo, you have to see that for yourself.
Maybe there are other plugins or software that do the same thing but I could not find another.

... u can use or TameGimp (if u can find it)...-gebeleisis (June 26, 2007, 03:06 PM)
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Backgroundwindow.exe and Backgroundwindowhook.dll from are both stamped June 2005. They do the job, but it is really not too impressive - there is this single window, and that is what they are supposed to do, give The Gimp one window only, but the window is larger than the screen, and scrolling is odd. However; they do the job:

The GIMP/PhotoFiltre/, thoughts...

I found it impossible to download TameGimp; it may (also) be too old?
This one however is not too old:

Cute!  :-*

Hirudin, I see your point. Photofiltre Studio and its free version, Photofiltre, have always been a basic image editing app, i.e., good for guys with simple needs like myself, but not recommended for big or professional jobs.

Please forgive me, mitzevo, but I think you have been unfair. Paint.NET is an excellent paint program, compared to MS Paint. Paint is the program to compare Paint.NET with, not Photoshop and The Gimp.
-Curt (June 25, 2007, 04:29 PM)
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Hey hey Curt.. The reason why I am listing it within the ranks of GIMP and PS is because it is very good. :-P What I mean was I never actually used it.. (Only to crop an image and add some text).. A lot of people like it - I'm not downing it in any way.  :-[

Thanks, mitzevo, for clarifying.

I was impressed with the collection of plugins for Paint.NET - but as time has passed bye I too must admit that I really don't use Paint.NET. Its not a bad program in anyway, it somehow just isn't right.


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