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The GIMP/PhotoFiltre/, thoughts...

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Every one of my favorite graphics programs has wound up getting bought out over the years... Probably a lesson for me in there somewhere  :'(  -- maybe why I've given up not ever buying from companies I dislike. I've got & use P/Shop 7, and will eventually get around to upgrading to CS3, but only to preserve my ability to upgrade and pay the far lesser price... 7's the oldest version that qualifies I think, & probably won't for CS4. -mikiem (June 23, 2007, 11:13 AM)
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Yeah, I noticed the same thing Mikiem - or at least formed the same opinion. However, it might be cheaper to buy a new copy on ebay rather than upgrading from the developers. It's something to check into anyway when you are ready to upgrade.

I just bought PSP XI for a fantastic price on ebay. So, while I like Photoshop, I am going to try to live with v7 instead of upgrading. It will be interesting to see if I need to switch to Photoshop because I can't do something in PSP.

EVERYONE: Thank you very much to all who contributed to the graphics programs threads. The posts has been extremely informative and much appreciated.


Carol Haynes:
Personally I think it is a REALLY bad idea to buy software from eBay - the chances of getting stung are high and if the software requires activation you can be completely stuffed! Just my 2p.

Another cheap way to get Adobe software is to sign up for a course at an accredited college or uni (part time is fine - so an evening class should qualify) and then buy at student price!

Thanks KenR, 'preciate it!

I love buying... well, everything on eBay! I would say the opportunity for someone to sting you is high, but the chance of it actually happening is very low. Smart shopping helps your chances I'm sure.

Carol Haynes:
Don't get me wrong I buy a lot of stuff on eBay - but I wouldn't buy software unless it was from a well established company that was licensed to sell the product - especially if you need to guarantee it will register/activate properly. No one is going to sell Adobe software cheaper than the upgrade price unless it is second hand - with their current activation model that would be very risky.

Hirudin, I forgot to mention that Photofiltre Studio 9 does support layers, but costs you €25. It's transformation features have greatly improved, too. If you get a chance, check out the cool copyright feature.


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