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The GIMP/PhotoFiltre/, thoughts...

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Don't get too excited, fodder. Ulead and Intervideo were both bought out by the same company that bought out Jasc... Not that that renders the product in any way less useful for now, but it's a bit of an ominous sign for future development!

Here's a link to one story about it (first google hit).

Just FYI, Ulead was acquired along with Intervideo by Corel last fall...

I feel like I can't let this opportunity go by to mention MediaChance: This is a neat company and they make some great software (and a number of nice freebies.  :Thmbsup:)

They make an app called PhotoBrush that is reasonably priced @ $45. From their website:

PhotoBrush is...
Image Editor - Photo-Brush has all the necessary tools for editing and adjusting digital images: Adjusting levels, Gamma, RGB curves, Hue/Saturation, Brightness/Contrast and more..

Photo Retouch - With its special brushes and tools you can remove unwanted parts of your images, clean scratches, remove Red-Eyes, Clean skin of portraits, Cloning with Rubber stamp and more...

Painting Program - Photo-Brush is also an excellent painting program with its Pressure Sensitive tablet support. With texture painting, Artistic, Natural or 3D brushes you can create any work of art. With Cloning you can turn your photos into paintings.

Filter Heaven - There are many filters already build-in, but Photo-Brush can also use Adobe PhotoShop (tm) compatible Plug-Ins as well. It can run the plug-ins from anywhere in your computer, even from network drives.

Texture Generator - Create amazing seamless textures from any part of your photographs or paint your own. Use them on your web page, or retouch your images with them.

A lot of Fun - Try Warping or add a great touch with Image Nozzle! Add Lens Flare, Sparkles, Age the picture, Replace colors or Colorize black & white pictures; Add cool text in 2D, 3D, and drop shadow.

--- End quote ---

They also make a very cool drawing/painting hybrid program similar to Micrografx's Picture Publisher called RealDraw Pro.

Although I've known about them for years, I've never really bought any of their software, which is kind of inexcusable. It was aways some combination of reluctance to give up what I was already using and indecision about whether to buy one program or spring for one of their excellent bundles.

But if you're now in the market for a new photo editing tool, definitely give them a look. They have free trials of all their apps, and their store page kind of insists that you download a program and try it out before spending your money on it - which to me says a lot right there about the quality of their offerings.

RealDraw Pro has a fairly fanatical following as well, which bodes well for the quality of their product as well... I think he's also the author of Oscars File Renamer as well, which is a perennial favourite in the bulk renaming category.

I've been using PhotoBrush and PhotoFiltre for over 3 years and found them to be the best for 98% of my work. I have PSP X and X1 as well as PhotoShop in various versions, but find them too bloated and slow for all but the occasional feature that is usefull.
One of the really handy features of PhotoBrush is it's compatability with PS filters(.8bf)  and it's ability to scan your system and automatically install them in PhotoBrush, or just download filters from the various sites to a dedicated Plug-ins folder where PhotoBrush then locates and installs in seconds.
And where would you ever find another Oscar who will personally answer an email when you need some information on specific tools.
Take the time to visit the site and see for yourself
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