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Add an ability to sign in on the Home page

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Thanks Chris! "Travelling in Europe" may be a bit misleading- I'll be taking part in the excavation of a Neanderthal cave site in Belgium so will be pretty sedentary, for the most part. *Hopefully* I'll be able to take advantage of my weekends off to visit some sites around Western Europe. I'll definitely be doing a flying visit to England to see my supervisor. I *should* also visit my 83 year old aunt, but don't know if I'll get up North (Yorkshire) - be well worth the trip though!

i like this idea, another vote from me.. :up: i also have this problem whenever i'm outdoors - cyber-café, public library, etc..

jgpaiva: rolls off the fingertips more readily than
-Darwin (June 13, 2007, 06:41 PM)
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Also notice that there's '' (without www), which is only 1 character longer than '' :D

Also notice that there's '' (without www), which is only 1 character longer than ''-jgpaiva (June 14, 2007, 07:20 PM)
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thanks for the tip, jgpaiva! i didn't know that.. :Thmbsup: i usually type only 'donationcoder' and use Ctrl+Enter to fill out the rest but this will do for the time being.. :)

 ;D I actually just type "dc" (sans quotes) and hit SHIFT and I'm there... I have a DirectAccess abbreviation setup to bring me directly here. I use cookies, too, so don't have to worry about logging in. Don't know why I started agitating above as I am taking my notebook with me so will be on the same machine.

This is not to say that I haven't noted, and regretted, the absence of a log-in area on the homepage in the past when using other people's machines. I don't actually mind having to come to the forums, though, as this is where I spend 99.98% of my time anyway!


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