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Add an ability to sign in on the Home page

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I also hardly notice this problem, since my opera is opened on computer startup and is never closed. Also, the unread posts page is always the first tab on it, and locked so that i won't close it :)

The only problem i find when logging in from other machines, is the fact that the url is a bit too long :( But is already taken  by "Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu". Who the heck are those guys anyway? >:(

Yeah, I have unread donationcoder messages as the first tab in Maxthon when I start it up as well  :-*

i usually type only 'donationcoder' and use Ctrl+Enter to fill out the rest but this will do for the time being..
--- End quote ---

I just reread this thread and noticed this tip - I didn't know that one, very nice! Thanks, lanux  :Thmbsup:

you're welcome, Darwin.. :) i too have set Firefox to open DC forums upon start but i have this problem only when i'm outdoors or working at someone else's PC.. anyway, i've been trying to set-up Firefox Portable and take my profile with me.. :)


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