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IDEA: Application Running and Notification Tool


Do you know of any software that will do the following:

2.  Monitor an application or internal web address to make sure it is active, and report to the user if it is not?  I have a video surveillance piece of software running on a remote PC with a web interface to it (or I can remote desktop into the machine).  I need to make sure the surveillance software is running.  The software won't run as a service (as far as I know), so if the machine reboots due to power outage, etc. it can be days before I realize the system hasn't launched the software and hasn't been recording.  Thoughts?


Run any application as a service. Perhaps you can then use the options that allow you to restart the service when it crashes or is not running etc with logging capabilities.

more info here on running programs as service..

Is there some reason it will not work in the startup folder?  In other words, once the software starts, do you have to do something (such as push a record button)?  If it starts running once it starts up, you can just add an exe shortcut to the startup folder and it will go.  If you need your machine to login automatically (in WinXP for example), you can do that with TweakUI.  Once you login, the startup folder runs any and all programs listed.

The problem was that it would not login automatically and therefore would not start (it does start automatically once you login).  I had forgotten about TweakUI - great idea!!!  That will definately solve my problem.  Thanks for ringing my bell a little.  In the words of Homer - Doh!!



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