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IDEA: File Size Monitoring & Notification Tool


Do you know of any software that will do the following:

1.  Monitor a file that is periodically growing in size, and notify the user when it reaches a certain size?  I archive email to .pst files and need to know when they are approching the size of a CD so I can burn it and delete it from my hard drive.  Thoughts?

i know of this freeware, Directory Monitor Utility but it hasn't been updated for some time.. :)

Directory Monitor Utility allows to monitor a selected folder (and subfolders) for changes. You can select the criteria to monitor from a list, including file name changes, size changes, attribute changes, time changes and more. The program then works in background and generates a HTML log of file system changes. It also offers a statistical overview by clicking on the tray icon while it is running.

Thanks, I'll try it out.


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