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Triple screen grid

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Newbie here, I have gridmove v19.26 great program... i have a 22" and use it for 3 grids and it's good for that, however i'm trying to get it to work on my triple monitor set-up, 3 x 1280x1024, so i'm after 3 grids in vertical, can anyone help?

The screens are in 3840 x 1024 mode i just want them in 3 equal grids.


Hi andybris!
You mean you want a grid that has 3 parts so that each part has the size of each screen?

YES  :up:

Oh, that's easy. Just download the attached file ;)

errm... all i have is one big grid over all three screens.

there is three screens but the video card only see's it as one screen 3840x1024, the grid you gave sees monitor one as the whole 3840x1024 I want it as one monitor 3840x1024 split into 3 grids each 1280x1024.


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