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GridMove questions


Hello people !

Here is my trouble, i use Better touch control at work and have made shortcup to move and resize my windows, but it's on mac :'(
So i discovered GridMove and was wondering, can GridMove allow me to do that :

|         |         |          l
|   1    |   2    |   3     l
|         |         |          l

|         |         |    4    l
|         |         |------- l
|         |         |    5    l

|      |               |       l
|  6  |      7       |  8    l
|      |               |       l

Sooo, would i be able to do a grid that combine all those position (or multiple grid?). And then swap between all those position with one shortcut for each position 1 to 8 ? (the shortcut is the most important thing for me)
I just want to know if GridMove is worth the time investment for my peculiar usage :)

Welcome, Exal

The author of GridMove has not posted for almost 4 years. You need to be lucky.

I've never made a set of grids myself but *think* that would be possible.

Can you clarifly re the shortcut:
you want eight shortcuts, one for each position?
Would the method Win+g (to show the overview of positions) followed by the relevant number be acceptable?

Instead of using a keyboard to send hotkeys to gridmove, I have been trying to use an ahk script to do the same.
So far I have working ahk code which launches the gridmove interface successfully as follows:


             Send, #g ; Activate a grid in GridMove

             Sleep, 1000
             ;BlockInput, On


However, I am having trouble with the second part of the command where an actual grid number must be specified:

            ;zone_key_a := "1"
            ;zone_key_b := "0"

            zone_key_a := 1
            zone_key_b := 0

                Send, zone_key_a
                Send, zone_key_b

                ;ControlSend, "- -", zone_key_a, "OSD"
                ;ControlSend, "- -", zone_key_b, "OSD"

                Sleep, 1000

In the above example I have commented out several experiments. For example, I tried to extract the names of GridMove widgets for the ControlSend command. In other cases, I used the Send command instead. I am also wondering if numerical variables which identify a grid by number should be represented as text or as numbers. Thank you in advance for any thoughts which you might wish to contribute.


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