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No irony intended, but: I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!  I love your site, and it is where I have started from... From being a big fan of EssentialPIM, I did a bit more testing with Calendarscope last night, and I think this might be the one for me.  You might have seen on another thread that I am thinking of doing a review for donationcoder.  What do you think of Timecalendar?

Although a registered user of essentialpim, I find the program very superficial. For instance the to-do list is in alphabetical order no matter what precedence or due date is set.
The calendar doesn't even show 'to-do's and to my mind there should be 3 calendars: previous, current and next month, or whatever you want to show.
The clock is plain ugly, imitating an LED display... what for? There's no choice either and military time (which I prefer) shows with 'am/pm'.
Much as i hate Outlook, it takes a lot of beating. And, to be honest, either Agenda or Pocket Informant on an M$ PDA are so far ahead in terms of features and presentation. If only they didn't sync only with Outlook.
But I did want something small, fast and effective for a PC and in the end I'm disappointed with epim.
I have the usbkey version which through no fault of it's own adds lethargy to the equation.

My biggest gripe with EPim is all the wasted screen space. ms, I downloaded TimeCalendarLE, but I can't add notes to any event or task! Apparently you have to buy the full version? Ah, I hate that. Let me know if I'm wrong as it's a nice piece of software.

After perusing zaine's site I noticed that TexNotesPro comes with a copy of CalendarGem which is more what I wanted (if a bit too heavily themed for me). What an excellent suite of programs!!
Now if only there was a 'ContactGem'. Contacts seem to be conspicuous by their absence.

I'm just downloading that now - it looks good on their website.  Must say that I think the contact management in The Bat! is pretty good (it was shifting from Outlook to The Bat! for email that prompted me to want to drop Outlook and explore other calendar options). 

jpfx: there is a beta of EPIM 1.6 out now, which at least allows you to turn off the clock.  I would really like it if the whole layout were more configurable - I don't like where the mini calendar is on the right, but there's nothing you can do to move it...  Also, EPIM runs quite heavy - it sits at around 20 meg even when it's shrunk to the tray, whereas Calendarscope comes in under 2 meg.

zridling: I've trying the full version of TimeCalendar at the moment, and it's lightweight and quick and nice to look at, but for me it's hobbled by not being able to synchronise with PocketPC - Calendarscope can do this, EPIM has it in development.  Also, like the current version of EPIM (but not the beta) it only prints in black and white.  The author of TimeCalendar told me he is about to launch a completely new version, so maybe it'll be able to sync and print in colour then.


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