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What do you think of PCTools' Spyware Doctor?

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I use Spyware Doctor.  Has anyone noticed it introducing 'random' keystrokes into other applications?

I use SpySweeper and am generally happy with it - it took Webroot a LONG time to sort out the anti-Keylogger shield introduced in v. 5, but it's fixed now (for the longest time - months and months - it kept flagging about 30 WINDOWS processes as keyloggers and interupting me, rendering my computer almost uselessl, so I ran with it disabled until they fixed it. They've still not made the keylogger shield user-configurable in any way, which irritates me, but there it is).

I also run Ad-aware Pro on my wife's machine and am trying to decide if I should update to 2007 for $24 or not... Might review anti-spyware at the end of the year as both Ad-awarea and Spysweeper will need renewing then...

I use Spyware Terminator

I find it helpful and easy to use.

Perry Mowbray:
I'm another Spyware Terminator user  :) Pretty simple usage, and it's real-time protection is enough to give confidence without annoying me too much.

My license expires in a month, and I have bought a license for Counterspy V2, which is much improved over earlier versions.  I have Zone Alarm Pro's antispyware, do all my surfing in a sandbox (except for manual Windows Updates, so I don't bother with the real time protection, and usually only activate another antispyware program once a week or so to update and scan.  I also have Spysweeper which I quit using as I am always getting 'damaged - reinstall' messages.  I agree that Spyware Doctor seems to have good detection, but as one poster said, it is too bloated and doesn't integrate that well, but Counterspy does. 


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