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NirCmd Setup, a guide of sorts

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Here's a starter alias pack for nircmd, based on nontroppo's aliases above.

It includes some icons by hamradio, and the nircmd.exe itself, all ready to go -- just put it in your AliasGroups\Installed directory of farr and restart (or maybe just open up options and close options will reload new aliases).

You can see now the idea of alias packs as totally self-contains addons you can install into your farr and share with others.

Note that we still need people to improve this alias file and add some more icons, etc., so by all means please improve it and send it or post it to me so it can be official.

Here's my (slightly modified) version of the alias above.

I added entries for shutdown/reboot/logoff/standby, made each of the entries become an isolated item (so that you don't have to type "cmd" at the beggining), added icons for the new ones, and now "cmd" works both as a list and as a practical example of how to use each of the alias.

Try it!

[edit] changed one little thing: the "lock pc" alias wasn't working, it had to be changed to "lockpc" [/edit]
[edit2] fixed error mentioned below about standby [/edit]
[edit3] "stole" image that lanux had below. Hope lanux won't get mad at me ;) [/edit3]

[edit4]Download removed. Please see this thread for more info [/edit4]

love it!!!  :-*

looks cool! great job, jgpaiva.. :Thmbsup:

I'm having a bit of trouble trying to find where I'm supposed to put this. Right now I have the entire nircmd folder in the /Aliasgroups/Mycustom folder. The "nircmd icons" folder is in the "nircmd" folder. I'm not getting all the commands to show up and the icons don't show at all. Am I doing this correctly? Do I need to configure anything inside FARR to tell it about the new alias group?


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