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toddandkeelee free software

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Via MajorGeeks I have found a new interesting freeware site today, toddandkeelee 
-Curt (June 09, 2007, 01:29 PM)
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I forgot to tell the name!: "Todd's Software".

Another of his free apps:


A Windows Alarm clock that you can apply skins to and have different types of alarms launched such as MP3s, Audio CDs, DVDs, VCDs, Internet Radio Stations, Text Messages, and Network Messages.  DigitAlarm Clock can connect to a dial-up connection automatically to play an Internet Radio Station.  You can minimize the program to the Windows System Tray to keep it out of your way.  A Snooze button is included that will allow you to set the time desired for the program to Snooze and then launch the alarm again.  Provides help and programs needed to create your own skins.

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PS! Save some time and download from Todd's site; it is much faster than going to C/NET

PS! Save some time and download from Todd's site; it is much faster than going to C/NET
-Curt (June 09, 2007, 07:20 PM)
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I just hope we havent caused Todd a large bandwidth bill

I tend to put up with third party hosted sites as I know how a surprise £200 bandwidth bill can hurt.

Are these apps portable i.e. don't write to the registry etc.?

Nice find!

Just run MSKey and IPConfig; they do not install. I have no tried any of the others, but without knowing I would think it impossible for Outlook Extras and D.A.Clock to do their jobs without writing to the registry, or what?


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