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Combine AHK scripts in tray button?


Apologies if this is misplaced and/or obvious.

Is it possible to combine all the AHK scripts and programs in such a way that there is only one taskbar button, and right-clicking on it would allow you to navigate to the program you want and then access the menu for that program?  Sort of like a miniature program launcher or start menu, only in the tray.

Read this.

Download this. Run the "Parent" script first. Then you will notice that the 2 items in the menu are other scripts.

I haven't tested it much, but I did most of the Google-ing and reading for you so forgive me if this isn't what you wanted. ;)

Mandork:'s a bit over my head, but I'll figure it out eventually.  I just didn't know what terms to look for.   :-[


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