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Old school Pocket PC software?


I've got an ancient old Pocket PC (Cassiopeia, EM500) that I'm reluctant to replace because hey, it still works just fine.  Plus, it's turquoise.

Specs are:

Operating System: Windows CE ver 3.0
Processor: MIPS VR4122 processor operating at 150 MHz
Memory: 16MB RAM

But I'm having a hard time finding any new or improved software that will run on the thing (it's pre-ARM, or whatever it's called).  In particular, I would love to figure out how to run something like LyX or a similar LaTeX editor, and something that will let me change the orientation of the screen. 

Does anybody else use an antique thing like this and have any suggestions?

I got a windows CE pda, But its being used to keep my door open

Hi ManDork

I have 2 such devices, both Cassiopedias (E-100 and E-105) and really have seen no need to upgrade them.  They work just great for how I use them (note taking, outlining, sketching/painting "on the go") plus they have bright, big (3.75") displays. Too bad Casio abandoned them.  They got it right the first time out of the gate! Amazing.

I use the following software on both of them (albeit older versions you may WILL have to hunt down).

Conduits TaskSwitcher 1.1
Old version,  puts a button (with bmp of your choice) into the Windows logo of your start bar and enables gestures & clicks over the button to start/stop/switch between running apps.  Pure simplicity.  Essential.

Also at that site (Conduits): PocketArtist (I'm on v1.1) and PocketPlayer (1.21).  Pocket Artist IMHO is the best of the painter programs, well designed for small screen and stylus.  PocketPlayer is great for MP3s.

TotalCommander Pocket 2.5 beta (freeware)
Total Commander in your PPC.  Dual file panels, zip/unzip, custom buttons, drag and drop to toolbar, favorites, history. Indispensible.

ListPro 2.0
Best hierarchical notetaker/list manager out there.  Multiple lists, custom fields, hierarchical (ie. outline) data types, etc.  PC Synch.  Main man.

BugMe! 3.1
Combined sketching, text notes from the PPC tray.  This is the old B&W version.  The latest (color) version is not so useful.  Great for quick jots.

Kitchen sink.  Hard to describe.  Taskbar utilities, quicklaunch panels, etc. etc. Good bitmap viewer that I use with TotalCommander Pocket.

Also (can't find websites for these!):

FootPrint Software PS/PC Outliner (Beta 2, 1998!!!)
A full featured outlining tool.  Works a treat.

Excel compatible spreadsheet with tabbed interface.  No "About" box no info about it in the software.  Used it for years.

A simple utility to turn off the PPC with a single tap.

My Casios are perfect for my purposes.  Sort of wish sometimes I could justify a newer machine.  It'd be faster and have more features, but the screen would be smaller and there would be no enhancement over the function I already have.  Both my units still work perfectly.  I found batteries on eBay.


I am not sure if yours will be on the list, but I have found software for my HP Jornada 540 (SH3 processor running WinCE 3.0) at

I am currently learning C with the intent of developing software for mine.

My problem is finding hardware accessories for mine. There is only one place that I have found that sells a compact flash nic card for it.

On a slight different note, you can still get some really great HP200LX on eBay! :)
That device is still a dream pocket machine, IMHO. A very usable keyboard, and weeks of works on a couple of AA NiMh batteries! Plus every DOS development system it's OK to code for it.

Where I work we used to develop some software for them, and I see many of them still working after 10 years or about.



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