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FARR Plugin: FCalc v1.12 (Mar 25, 2015)

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To fix some similar issue, I gave my username Full Control permissions to C:\Program Files (x86)\Find and Run Robot (allowing to trickle down to subfolders). I used to have to do that a lot with various programs in Vista, not so much in Windows 7--I've used both Home and Premium (probably because I figured out that most programs that need to write to Program Files are packaged in a ZIP file, so those I now put in C:\Tools instead.) And btw I also use the 64 bit version of the OS.

fcalc updated to v 1.12:

* v1.12.01 , Mar 25th, 2015 - Fixed some issues with using last result in more complex expresions with spaces or starting with +*-/^
* Improved "fc help" instructions

 fc expression -- calculate an expression
 fc ` -- clear history
 fc VARNAME=VAL -- assign a var
 fc clear [VARNAME] -- clear variables
 fc list -- list defined variables
 use special var 'lv' to refer to last value or just start expression with +-*/^

Hi Mouser,

When updating via DCupdater it seems to be successful except that the previous version of the dll is not replaced; the meta files are, so DCUpdater seems to think has updated but FARR clearly shows the previous version.  I've only just noticed, but it has happened on two of the PCs I've just checked, one Windows 8.1 x64 and one Server 2012 R2.

I also noticed I needed to close FARR to update the .dll which the updater did not seem to do.


Thanks for the report Falcon -- i need to look into this.. it's possible i never actually updated the version number of fcalc.

Anyone else having issues with FARR crashing on Windows 10 with FCalc installed? Still works fine on Win8. On Win10, intermittently I get "Access violation at address 63278250. Read of address 63278250.", most often when closing FARR. HOWEVER, this only appears to occur when the troubleshooting log is disabled, which is very frustrating as I don't want to leave the troubleshooting log enabled and also means when it crashes there is no log. Any ideas?


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