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FARR Plugin: FCalc v1.12 (Mar 25, 2015)

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But wouldn't it be easier to just call up the normal windows calculator and do the calculation stuff there?-masu (June 10, 2007, 01:20 PM)
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one of the hallmarks of a great launchers is to be able to do in-line calculations.. ;) actually, see here for the request i made..

This is a cool plugin, but could seriously use a pair of functions, say deg() and rad(), for converting between degrees and radians.  The trig functions assume that the arguments are in radians, whereas most quick calculations with FARR are bound to involve degrees (unless you're a mathie or doing math homework  ;) ).  So then we could type in "fc sin(rad(90))", for example.  Or perhaps the trig functions could be adapted to take degrees instead...

Converter functions would be nice dec->bin dec->hex etc.
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I second the emotion!

I have 3 usability suggestions for fcalc:

1 - Add 2 forms of "copy result to clipboard". Something like: when you press enter, it copies the result; when you press shift+enter, it copies the whole expression.

2 - Please please please remove the "scroll past history" on end/home press, it's soooo anoying. (or at least add it as an option :) )

3 - Add an option to change the text that gets on the editbox when you press enter. This is useful for those that don't use the default regular expression (mine is a regex that recognizes mathematical expressions, thus I'd like it to clear the input box on enter press).

While #1 and #3 would just be great to have, i think #2 is a critical fix, as this one annoys me almost every time i use fcalc :(

regarding #2, you are saying that home+end should go to front and end of the edit line is that right?

it's not just a farr issue, its for any plugin that uses the richtext/memo display mode to display a file or info, so any decision we make applies to all of them.  i could use ctrl+home and ctrl+end to go to begining and end of the memo though, and use home and end to go to begining and end of the search box if people prefer.


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