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FARR Plugin: FCalc v1.12 (Mar 25, 2015)

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Anyone who uses the calc alias in FARR may soon become quite happy.
The new FCalc plugin for FARR shows off some features of the new FARR plugin system:

* Live updating of calculation as you type
* Ability to set and use variables (persistant across runs!)
* History Tape display (shows past calculations)

To install, use the dcupdater, OR grab from here and unpack into your FARR Plugins directory:

a cool one, mouser.. :Thmbsup: looks sturdier than the alias version.. where is the d/l link? :)

download will be in next alpha update today.

So, will this also do TVM calculations?  (Time Value of Money for those who don't know). 

I am starting the programming challenges (Java first, since I understand it best for now), and for the first assignment, I am extending the engine from the simple calculations required into a TVM calculator.  These are GREAT devices to help you figure out all kinds of things from your income from a savings account to the exact cost of a financed car to the expected return on investments.  When I finish it, Mouser, you will see the code that makes it happen (if you don't already have it) ...perhaps that will be easy enough to port over into the FCalc plugin as well?

it's quite easy for me to add new functions to the fcalc parser engine (it uses muParser,

The code for fcalc plugin will be released, so i or others could easily add new functions to the calculation engine.


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